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Why Private School Is the Right Choice for Your Child

Why Private School Is the Right Choice for Your Child

Tuesday, November 01, 2022

Education is one of the most important aspects of a child’s life. They spend most of their first eighteen to twenty-two years of life in some version of a classroom, whether it’s public, private, or homeschool. They will find mentors in the coaches and teachers associated with their academic experience. They will meet classmates with whom they will form lifelong friendships. 


The subjects in which they excel will likely shape their future careers. Students will lean on the lessons they learned from their various schools throughout their lives.

Beginning in early 2020, schools were impacted by the effects of a global pandemic. Some children have never had an academic experience that wasn’t affected by health and safety protocols. 

Teachers have become accustomed to oscillating between remote and in-person teaching. Faculties and administrators have done everything they can to make things seem normal and ensure they are facilitating excellent academic environments virtually and on their campuses. 

Still, school is difficult in and of itself, so these challenges have proved stressful for students throughout Ohio.

We are fortunate to have high-quality public institutions in Defiance County, including alternatives to traditional public education. The first community schools opened in Ohio in 1997; in 2019, there were over 300. 

Although community schools (often called charter schools nationally and in other states) are sponsored by the government, they have more flexibility to choose their model of education and their mission. One benefit of choosing a community/charter school is the option to choose a school whose mission and values best fit your family. However, charter schools, or as they’re known in Ohio, community schools, cannot give preference to religion

Ohio’s community schools are not the answer for parents who believe Scripture should be central to a child’s education. Proverbs 22:6 says, “Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.” 

For parents who believe the gospel, Scripture, and doctrine are pivotal to a well-rounded education, a Christian private school is the best solution. As a chartered nonpublic School by the state of Ohio, St. John’s Lutheran School has the freedom to teach with a Christian worldview, while still meeting the Operating Standards for Ohio’s Schools.   

In this article, we are discussing why private education is the right choice for your child. Sections include:

  1. Christian Private Schools Facilitate Spiritual Growth.
  2. Christian Private Schools Are Statistically Safer.
  3. Christian Private Schools Have Smaller Class Sizes.
  4. Christian Private Schools Are Committed to Excellence.

As you read this, if you find you want more information about how your child can be part of a private Christian school in the Defiance area, we would love to hear from you.

1) Christian Private Schools Facilitate Spiritual Growth

christian private schools facilitate spiritual growth

The greatest strength of Christian private education is the opportunity to make spiritual growth central to the academic process. There are several ways in which they facilitate spiritual growth:

Private Schools Make the Gospel Central

One of the key benefits of Christian private education is the opportunity to make the gospel central to a child’s educational experience. There is no greater truth than the true story of Jesus’ perfect life, sacrificial death, and glorious resurrection. 

His death made atonement for our sins, and parents want their children to have every opportunity to be saved by faith in the gospel of Jesus. At St. John Lutheran School, our mission is to share the gospel of Jesus with our students. We want them to believe it and share it with others. 

It is central to every classroom and activity.

Private Schools Teach Christian Doctrine

The gospel is foundational to all Christian doctrine. As a Christian private school, not only are we able to effectively communicate the good news, but we also place emphasis on knowing and understanding Christian doctrine. Our mission includes the following goals: 

  • To educate the whole child spiritually, intellectually, socially, physically, and emotionally
  • To provide a high-quality program of Christian education that will lead students to learn about God, His plan of salvation, and receive His guidance through daily living 
  • To proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the children

Our doctrine is grounded in the Scriptures per the rich tradition of the Lutheran Church. We are grateful to pass it on to our students. 

Private Schools Have Teachers Who Make Disciples

Our faculty and administrators are not only here to teach history, English, science, and math, but they are meant to fulfill the mission Jesus gave all believers - to make disciples. Your child will benefit from teachers who point them to Jesus and are committed to helping them better follow Him.

Private Schools Teach Through the Lens of a Christian Worldview

For private Christian schools like St. John’s Lutheran in Defiance, Ohio, being gospel-centered does not diminish our commitment to providing a high-quality academic experience. Every subject, however, is taught through the lens of a Christian worldview. 

We believe that the Scriptures and the gospel provide the best explanation for how the world works. History, English, and other subjects are best understood when we see their place in Scripture. 

Private Schools Provide a Christian Community

Private Christian education provides the opportunity for your institution to be a community of believers. Christian parents, faculty, and students have similar goals as people who believe in the gospel. We can support one another and our students as they endeavor to glorify God with their lives. 

2) Christian Private Schools Are Statistically Safer

Generally, schools are safe places. You can, for the most part, trust that your child will be safe and unharmed regardless of whether they attend private or public institutions. However, it is noteworthy that private schools are indeed safer in some key statistical categories:

  • Since 2000, 94% of active shooter situations have occurred at public schools. 
  • Within public schools, 20% of public school students say there are gangs on campus. That is in contrast to only 2% of private school students reporting the presence of gangs at their schools. 
  • 28% of public school students report experiencing bullying. That is in contrast to 21% of private school students experiencing bullying. 
  • Over 40% of public school teachers say they deal with interruptive behavior issues during the school day. However, only 22% of private school teachers report they experience behavioral issues in the classroom that derail teaching. 

There are several reasons private schools are statistically safer. It is likely a combination of small class sizes, individual attention, and emphasis on the gospel of peace that makes private schools less violent and more nurturing.

3) Christian Private Schools Have Smaller Class Sizes

private christian schools have smaller class sizes

Private schools typically have 40-50% fewer individuals in each classroom. Smaller class sizes provide schools like ours with opportunities and advantages such as:

  • Individual attention for students when they excel or struggle in a particular subject
  • Opportunities for students to develop strong, lasting friendships
  • Fewer occasions for bullying and mistreatment
  • The ability to practice social distancing when any diseases or sicknesses are spreading in Defiance

Smaller class sizes are one of the key benefits of private education. 

4) Christian Private Schools Are Committed to Excellence

Our school exists to glorify God. That is the role and responsibility of every person created in the image of God. That means we strive for excellence at St. John Lutheran School. 

  1. Excellence in academics: We make sure our students have access to excellent teachers who are experts in their subjects. It is vital to provide high-quality academics. 
  2. Excellence in spiritual growth: Our students have every opportunity to grow in their faith as part of a well-rounded education. 
  3. Excellence in athletics: We emphasize the importance of growth for students who participate in athletics. Preparation and practice are integral parts of improving athletically, and in anything students do.
  4. Excellence in the arts: Our extracurricular activities are designed to help students pursue excellence in service and the arts. 
  5. Excellence in character: Whether it is in the classroom, on the athletic field, or in the community, we emphasize the importance of growing in character. 

Are you more convinced than ever that private school is the right choice for your child? For parents in Defiance, Ohio, St. John’s Lutheran School is here for you and your students. 

In everything we do, we strive for excellence to the glory of God. If you would like to know more about our school and how your child can be part of a great private school, contact the team at St. John Lutheran

We are here to answer your questions and would be happy to schedule a tour of our school.