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How Your Child May Qualify for Free Private Education

How Your Child May Qualify for Free Private Education

Monday, January 02, 2023

Defiance is the ideal environment for families seeking a high quality of life in Ohio. There are beautiful parks, excellent physicians, and steady career opportunities. With a relatively low cost of living and quality education readily available, it’s no wonder Wallet Hub named Defiance as one of the top 25 places to raise a family in Ohio! 

Even with reasonable real estate prices and a low unemployment rate, let’s be honest: sometimes our financial means are limited. Money can be a limiting factor when we make plans for the future, including the dreams we have for our children and their education.  

Affordable Education in Ohio 

When it comes to your child’s education, you may be wondering how to choose the best school for your child. You’re likely considering class sizes, curriculum, safety, and opportunities for your students to develop outside of academia. And yes, there’s the price tag to consider, also. 

Perhaps the most obvious choice you will consider is your local public school. All children are entitled to free education in their local public schools. Ohio’s community schools are another opportunity for free K-12 education, though there are currently no community schools located in Defiance. 

Defiance does have the option of private schools, however. Does the mere mention of it make you see dollar signs? Let’s talk about that. 

How To Qualify For Free Private Education

It may feel counterintuitive to consider privately funded schools if your budget doesn’t have room to spare. However, your family may qualify for the EdChoice Expansion Scholarship, which will cover tuition and give your child a free private education. 

The EdChoice program is income-based and makes private schools like St. John Lutheran School accessible to families with limited financial resources for children entering kindergarten through 12th grade. The scholarship is renewable annually, making private school tuition-free until your child graduates from high school. Attending private school can be free! 

Recently, the threshold to qualify for the EdChoice Expansion Scholarship has been increased from 250% of the Federal Poverty Level to 450%. 

Scholarships for EdChoice Expansion are awarded based on the Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) of a family’s household. If a family’s household income is at or below 450 percent of the Federal Poverty Level, they will be awarded the maximum scholarship amount.”

Here is a brief breakdown of the scholarship levels:

  • 0 – 450%: $6,165 (K-8) | $8,407 (9-12)
  • 451 - 500%: $5,200 (K-8) | $7,050 (9-12)
  • 501 - 550%: $3,650 (K-8) | $5,000 (9-12)
  • 551 - 600%: $2,600 (K-8) | $3,550 (9-12)
  • 601 - 650%: $1,850 (K-8) | $2,500 (9-12)
  • 651 - 700%: $1,300 (K-8) | $1,750 (9-12)
  • 701 - 750%: $900 (K-8) | $1,250 (9-12)
  • 751% or higher: $650 (K-8) | $950 (9-12)

The expansion of this scholarship opens up private education for many families in Defiance. 

Private School In Defiance, OH 

The opportunity for free private education for your child is one worth investigating. At St. John Lutheran School, we welcome children to learn, grow, and achieve with us through the 8th grade. If it is important to you that your child be immersed in an academic environment enriched with Christian teachings and morals, we may be a great fit for your family, no matter your financial resources. 

If you are interested in learning more about our free tuition program or other financial aid available, we encourage you to contact us today. If you are ready to apply for admission, you can start here. 

We look forward to exploring how your child may qualify for free tuition at St. John Lutheran School.