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How Private School Benefits Elementary and Middle School Students

How Private School Benefits Elementary and Middle School Students

Wednesday, October 04, 2023

There are countless decisions parents have to make to make sure their children have the best life. Some decisions must happen daily, like choosing what they will eat, how much screen time they will have, the clothes they will wear, and what battles to fight in a day. Other decisions have long-term effects that could determine the trajectory their lives will go for years to come. 

One of those long-term decisions is regarding what type of school they will attend. Once they begin attending public, private, or charter school, you may not be eager to change, even if you believe, later, they would thrive in a different setting. Many parents research for countless hours to find every pro and con of each type of education, only to find there are as many expert opinions as there are parents. 

While we can’t answer all your questions in a single article, we do want to provide as much information as possible to help you make an informed decision. With your support, your child can have a great academic experience in any setting, but of course, you want them to get as much out of their education as possible. 

Here are a few of the ways private school benefits elementary and middle school students. 

The Benefits of Private Education for Elementary and Middle Schoolers 

This article is broken down into two parts: how private education benefits elementary school-aged students and how it benefits middle school-aged students.

How Private School Helps Elementary School Students

We’re defining elementary school as grades one through five. Here are four key benefits of private Christian education for young children:

  1. Starting Strong: Even in Kindergarten, students are going to receive excellent Christian instruction from the beginning of their academic experience. They will receive a strong biblical foundation in conjunction with our STEAM-based classes.
  2. Extra Support: Private schools are able to limit class sizes so that students receive extra support. This is crucial for early-education students who are just beginning their academics. 
  3. Building a Biblical Foundation: Private Christian school students develop a biblical foundation that is stronger than what they could receive if the Scriptures were not part of their daily instruction. This includes the integration of Christian values by knowledgeable faculty and staff who care about the spiritual well-being of each child
  4. Developing a Christian Worldview: The foundation elementary-aged students develop in private school helps them develop a Christian worldview so that when they get older, they are inclined to find answers to their questions in the Scriptures and the gospel. 

How Private School Helps Middle School Students

We’re defining middle school as grades six through eight. Here are four key benefits of private Christian education for pre-teens and teenagers:

  1. Small Class Sizes: The middle school years are some of the most challenging for students and parents. Smaller class sizes give teachers the opportunity to determine whether they are having difficulty with a subject and require guidance or whether they are succeeding and require new challenges.
  2. Answering Tough Questions: Although the pre-teen years sometimes feel like a nightmare of immaturity for parents, middle schoolers are beginning to think more abstractly and will ask some of the deepest questions. Private Christian educators are able to point kids to the Scriptures and gospel for the answers to life’s most difficult questions.  
  3. Extracurricular Activities: Private schools like ours offer excellent extracurricular programs that help pre-teens explore certain subjects and activities more deeply. Some of these activities may help shape what they want to do with their lives. 
  4. Preparation for High School: High school is one of the most formative times for kids. They will make friends they could have for life, form their belief systems, and choose paths that will determine their futures. Private Christian education helps ensure that kids are centered on Christ during their high school years. 

There are countless other benefits to private education. The question is whether or not it is right for your child. 

Is Private Education Right for My Child?

In a previous article, we answered this question in more detail. You have specific needs for your child and for your own relationship with the school as a parent, and you have every right to make sure these needs will be met. Private school can indeed be very beneficial for you and your child. 

The mission of St. John Lutheran School is to follow Christ’s example and, empowered by the Holy Spirit, prepare children for a life of discipleship by helping them grow in faith, knowledge, and character. Our goals are:

  • To educate the whole child spiritually, intellectually, socially, physically, and emotionally.
  • To provide a high-quality program of Christian education that will lead students to learn about God, His plan of salvation, and receive His guidance through daily living.
  • To proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the children.

St. John Lutheran School is a private Christian institution located in Defiance, OH. We aim to make sure that every child who walks through our doors hears the gospel and has an opportunity to hear about the love of Jesus. We have had the privilege of seeing numerous kids pass through our school over the past 153 years, each getting a high-quality, Christian education.

If you have additional questions about private education, we are here to help. Please reach out to us for more information about how your child can thrive at our private Christian school.