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Best Private School Near AyersvilleThe residents of Defiance County, Ohio enjoy a rural lifestyle. Though we aren’t far from the hustle and bustle of Toledo and Fort Wayne, Defiance’s strong economy keeps many residents close to home. Many families savor the slower pace of life found here, as well as the excellent schools. 

Located near the southeast corner of Defiance County, Ayersville Local Schools takes pride in its academic excellence. Out of Ohio's 600+ public school districts, Ayersville is one of the top-scoring public school districts, sitting at #55. 

Private Schools Near Ayersville, OH 

Even with Ayersville’s exemplary public school system, it is important to evaluate all school options available to your Ayersville student. There are many reasons private school may be the right choice for your child, including smaller class sizes. Additionally, private schools are statistically safer than public schools in general when it comes to classroom interruptions, bullying, and active shooter situations

If you’re looking for a private school near Ayersville, St. John Lutheran School is an excellent choice. Just a few minutes up the road from Ayersville, you’ll find St. John Lutheran School in Defiance. St. John Lutheran School is a private school serving kindergarteners through 8th graders.
If small class sizes and rigorous academics are important to you, St. John Lutheran School offers that plus a demonstrated commitment to helping your child develop their full potential as God’s creation. 

St. John Lutheran School’s Mission

At St. John Lutheran, our mission is to follow Christ’s example, and empowered by the Holy Spirit, prepare children for a life of discipleship by helping them grow in faith, knowledge, and character. 

This mission governs every aspect of our curriculum, from the classes to individual interactions between students and teachers, even to school announcements. No matter the moment or situation, we recognize that our students are beloved children of God, and it is our duty to offer them the best education along with leading them each toward a deeper relationship with God. 

One of the ways we have always prided ourselves at St. John Lutheran is our commitment to small class sizes, where each individual student’s learning is prioritized. While some schools do engage large classes well, we have found that too often, there is a reliance solely on lecturing that does not engage students in all of the non-auditory methods. 

St. John Lutheran School in Defiance County, OH

St. John Lutheran School offers an alternative to public school for families in Defiance. Contact us today to begin exploring your options for alternatives to public school. Tuition assistance is available, as well!