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Best Private Middle School Near MeSince 1870, St. John Lutheran in Defiance has been educating the next generation of leaders. St. John Lutheran School's commitment to academic performance and discipleship has resulted in graduates who are strong in their faith and well-equipped for high school rigors. 

We are dedicated to offering a comprehensive educational experience that involves the development of our students. St. John puts a focus on each student's spiritual and intellectual development. Our goal is for each student to reach their greatest potential. Here are a few things that distinguish us from other private schools:

  • Small Class Sizes: St. John offers an excellent Christian education with a rigorous academic program with an average class size of 10 students.
  • In-Classroom Technology: St. John Lutheran School places a high value on the use of technology in the classroom. We utilize 1:1 technology for students, in addition to smartboards and document cameras.
  • Weekly Chapel Program: St. John features a weekly chapel service, held every Thursday at 8:55 a.m. Services focus on local, state, national, and world needs. 
  • Grades K-6: as a Chartered Nonpublic school, our teachers deliver a rigorous academic curriculum in a Christ-centered setting, maintaining compliance with the Operating Standards for Ohio’s Schools.

Kindergarten Through Grade 8

In accordance with St. John Lutheran School's primary mission, the Christian religion forms the foundation for all instruction. Every lesson begins with a brief devotion, followed by teaching in Christian doctrine and Bible study. 

In the younger classes, religious teaching consists mainly of studying Bible stories and applying them to everyday life, as well as memorization of brief Bible passages. As articulated in Luther's Small Catechism, a systematic study of Christian theory is added to the upper classes.

In addition to religious instruction, students will receive reading, spelling, handwriting, English literature, mathematics, social studies, science, computer education, fine arts, physical education, and health. Our school's purpose is to teach our students how to respond to these concepts as Christian students.

Admissions at St. John

We are a Christian school that not only allows prayer during our school day, but also teaches the importance of one’s life. In the classroom, we regularly study God’s word and strive to live accordingly. Because God is at the center of all we do, it’s natural for our children to prepare themselves to help those in need. 

We believe that true happiness can only be found by having a faith relationship with God through Jesus Christ and living in accordance with His will. 

Our school provides the highest quality education in Defiance, OH, with small class sizes, dedicated, qualified, and passionate teachers, along with supportive parents. If you're considering St. John Lutheran for your child, we would love to talk with you. For more information and to schedule a campus tour, contact us today