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The St. John Lutheran private middle school offers a complete middle school program through grade 6, built upon the foundations of academics and scripture to also achieve a biblical worldview in our students. Our students are taught all major subjects, such as Religion, Reading, Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Science.

We have daily studies of the Scriptures, weekly chapels, and the integration of Christian values by knowledgeable, caring teachers.

Each of these disciplines creates a rich spiritual environment in which students have the opportunity to develop their relationship with Christ. Our students receive an excellent education while being saturated in the Gospel daily. It is our desire to see our students grow and mature Spiritually as well as academically.

Our students are taught all major subjects, in addition to Religion. We also provide a variety of extracurricular classes, including:
  • Reading 
  • Mathematics 
  • Science 
  • Arts 
  • Language Arts 
  • History/Social Studies 
  • Music 
  • Spanish 
  • Library

We offer:

• Strong academics and a balanced curriculum
• Fully accredited school through NLSA 
• Low student-to-teacher ratio
• Highly dedicated and experienced teachers and administrators 
• Competitive tuition 
• Excellent parent-teacher partnership 
• Google classrooms 
• Accelerated Reading Program 
• Academic competitions 
• Band (Defiance City) and choir 
• Before and after-school care 
• Christmas Programs 
• Educational field trips
• Interscholastic sports
(Basketball, Volleyball,  Cheerleading)
• Over 10,000 book library


It is our top priority to remain technologically relevant and to prepare our students for the changing world of technology. We integrate the use of Chromebooks in each class and instruct on proper use.

During the course of the year, we offer structured social activities which allow ample opportunities for academic growth and provide students with the platform to learn working with others. It is our desire to see our students grow and mature spiritually as well as academically.

"Our elementary program encompasses each of these goals and encourages these ideals within a structured yet nurturing environment that is ultimately focused on glorifying Jesus Christ."